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Hoofdstukken Oxford Word

Taal: Engels
Methodesite Oxford Word

Cute (of babies, puppies, etc.) = Pretty and attractive.
Chubby = slightly fat, but in an attractive way
Gorgeous = Very beautiful and attractive. Syn. lovely
Show something off = Show something you are proud of.
Paunch = A fat stomach on a man.
Stick out = 1. Be pushed out further than something else.
2. Be noticeable
Be getting on for something = Be nearly a particular age, time, or number.
Frail (especially of an old person) = physically weak and think

The key to something = the thing that makes you able to understand or achieve. Syn. The secret of something.
Enhance something = Increase or improve the quality, value, or status of something.
Feature = A part of somebody’s face or body.
Discreetly = In a way that others will not notice.
Conceal something = Hide something.
Guidelines = Information that can help you, for example to make a decision.
Create an illusion = make something which is false appear true.
Flattering = make somebody look more attractive.
Unflattering = make somebody look less attractive.
Exaggerate something = Make something seem bigger, better, worse, or more important than it really is.

Drew my attention to = Made me see
Attract the waiter’s attention = Do something to make the waiter notice you.
Pay attention to = listen or consider what someone says.

Unit 8:
Jump to conclusions = Make a decision about something too quickly before you have thought about all the facts. Syn. leap to conclusions
Gesture = A body movement you make to show a particular meaning
Misinterpret something = If you misinterpret something, you understand it wrongly
Eye contact = The action or moment of looking into another person’s eyes
Not necessarily = Used to say that something is possibly true but is not always true
Observe with = see or notice something.
Combination = A mix of two or more things.
Display something = Show signs of something, often a quality or a feeling
Look out for something/somebody = look and try to see or something/somebody
Go red = Become red in the face, often when you’re angry or embarrassed.
Sweat = if you sweat, water appears on the surface of your skin because you are hot. Syn. perspire
Excessive = more than is reasonable or necessary

Bear something in mind = remember to consider something
Make generalizations about something = make general statements about something that may only be based on a few examples.
Imply something = suggest that you feel or think something without saying so directly
Stubbornness = a determination not to change your opinion or attitude. Syn. obstinacy
Fancy somebody = be attracted to somebody
Fiddle with something = keep moving or touching something with your hands
Stroke something = move your hand or fingers gently over the surface of something
Flirt (with somebody) = behave towards somebody as if you find them sexually attractive, but not in a serious way.

Unit 9:
Creep = Move slowly and quietly so you are not seen or heard. Syn. tiptoe
Stroll = walk casually for pleasure
Limp = Walk slowly and with difficulty, because one leg or foot is injured
Stagger = walk with difficulty, being almost unable to stand up
Hike = walk long distances in the country
March = walk with stiff regular steps
Chase somebody/something = run, drive, etc. after somebody/something to catch them
Dash = run quickly and suddenly
Gallop = (of a horse or rider) run quickly
Charge = move quickly in a particular direction, often to attack somebody/something

Workout = A period of physical exercise you do to keep fit
Supple = able to bend and move parts of your body easily.
Agile = able to move quickly and easily
Stiff = feeling some pain and unable to move easily
Sluggish = moving slowly, below your normal activity level
Loosen up = do physical activities to prepare the muscles for exercise
Bend = lean over at the waist
Strenuous = needing effort and energy. Syn. arduous
Relentless = A thing that is relentless never seems to stop or get any easier
Alternate between A and B = do A, then B, then do A again, and so on
Sprint = run a short distance very fast

Constant = happening all the time or a lot of the time.

Unit 10:
Rattle = make or cause something to make short, loud sounds
Rumble = a long, deep sound or series of sounds
Rustle = make or cause something to make a noise like paper, leaves, etc. rubbing together
Splash on/ onto something = (of a liquid) fall onto something in large drops and make it wet
Beep = if a car horn beeps it makes a short high or loud sound
Screech = a loud, high, unpleasant sound
Slam something = shut something with a lot of force so that it makes a loud noise
Squelch = make a wet, sucking sound, e.g. when you walk through mud
Creak = make the sound that an old door or floor makes
High-pitched (of sounds) = Very high in the register of sound
Low-pitches (of sounds) = very low in the register of sound

Bark = Make a short loud sound
Wolves howl = make a long loud cry
Growl = make a deep, angry sound
Bees buzz = make a continuous low sound
Roar = make a very loud deep sound
Squeak = Make a short high, but not loud sound
Cocks crow = make repeated loud sounds especially in the morning
Owls hoot = make a long ‘oo’ sound

Unit 11:
Eyesight = the ability to see. Syn. sight
Eye strain = a slight pain in your eyes, for example from reading a lot.
Discomfort = a feeling of slight pain
Blurred vision = if your vision is blurred you cannot see clearly
Blink = shut and open your quickly
Tear = a drop of liquid that comes out of your eye when you cry
Irritated = painful, red, or swollen
Ease something = make something less unpleasant or painful. Syn. alleviate something
Adjust something = change something slightly to make it more suitable
Eliminate something = remove or get rid of something
Glare = a bright, unpleasant light
Moist = slightly wet, often in a way that is useful or pleasant
Damp = Slightly wet, often in a way that is unpleasant

Gaze at something = look at something for a long time because you are interested in it or are thinking about something else
Breathtaking = very impressive. Syn. spectacular
Barely = only with a great difficulty or effort. Syn. only just
Visible = A thing that is visible can be seen
Invisible = A thing that is invisible can’t be seen
Haze = smoke, dust, or mist in the air which is hard to see through.
Make something/somebody out = see, hear or understand something/somebody with difficulty
Come into view/sight = appear
Stand still = stand without moving
Eye somebody/something = look at somebody/something carefully or because you are suspicious of them/it
Warily = carefully, because you think there may be danger or a problem
Vanish into thin air = Disappear suddenly or in a way you cannot explain

Unit 12:
Stroke something = move your hand over the skin, hair, etc. gently and slowly
Slide = move or make something move easily over a smooth or wet surface
Apply pressure to something = press on something hard with your hand, foot, etc.
Stimulate something = make a part of the body or skin more attractive
Pat something = touch something lightly several times with your hand flat
Pinch something = hold something tightly between the thumb and finger
Tension = the feeling you have if your muscles are tight and not relaxed
Release the tension = allow or cause the muscles to relax
Squeeze something = press something firmly with your fingers

Delicate = light and pleasant. Syn. subtle
Fragrance = 1. A pleasant smell. 2. A perfume
Faint = just possible to smell, or hear
Appetizing = making you feel hungry.
Making my mouth water = if your mouth waters, you produce saliva (= the liquid produced in the mouth) and you want to eat
Aroma = A pleasant, distinctive smell
Insipid = not having much taste. Syn. bland
Pungent = very strong smelling
Musty odour = Musty: Smelling unpleasant or damp. Syn. Dank. Odour: a smell, especially, unpleasant one
Revolting = very unpleasant. Syn. disgusting
Go off (of food and drink) = go bad and be unfit to eat and drink
Nauseating stench = nauseating: making you feel you want to vomit. Stench: a strong, unpleasant smell.


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